Unjustified War Against Oromo People (War Against Wbo Is War Against Qeerroo)

Unjustified War Against Oromo People (War Against WBO is War Against Qeerroo)

By Worku Burayu (PhD), January 21, 2019

Summary: (1) The present war by Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) against Oromo people is the continuation of politics by other approaches. The main actor is changed from Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) to Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) but oversight by the same performer, the EPRDF. Then, youths were killed by gun fire simply because they were members of QEERROO Bilisummaa Oromoo. Now, youths are killed and imprisoned simply because they are members and supporters of ABO/WBO. The then young brilliant QEERROO, who persisted alive, deserted from the cities and rural areas to join OLA training camps to become today’s WBO. Thus, QEERROO is WBO and WBO is QEERROO. By all standards, war against WBO is war against QEERROO. (2) To EPRDF military: Don’t fight in an unjust war. Abyi Ahmed and Lemma Megerssa who send you to die and kill in Western, Central and Southern Oromia must be held accountable. Oromo activist and all peace-loving Ethiopians should organize an anti-war rally. You will be joined in the anti-war movement by many people including a number of military veterans who are presently dedicated and passionately angry, to this unjust war.

When Ethiopian Military Junta was overthrown in 1991, the OLF was briefly part of a transitional government led by the EPRDF coalition. However, the OLF always had an uneasy relationship with the TPLF, the creator of the member parts in the EPRDF coalition. As election date approached OLF forced to leave the transitional government in 1992 due to killing and harassment of its members, closing of its offices, and detention of its supporters by the security forces and military of the EPRDF. It was then, twenty-seven years ago, OPDO amazed us by telling their first lie that “we were already liberated.” However, thousands of Oromo, OLF supporters and suspected supporters were arrested, or killed, subsequently. Since then and until August 2018 the OLF has continued armed struggle against the government, stating that its fundamental objective is to exercise the Oromo people’s right to self-determination. On August 2018, OLF unilaterally declared to stop war unless there is provocation from the EPRDF side in that case to defend itself. The present ODP, with the same content but different in shape to OPDO, and the now defunct diaspora activist, and hopeless politicians who recently entered to the country asserted that “Oromo liberated” in 2018. For OPDO (ODP) and the diaspora activist who have similar agenda, their liberation is to put the OLF and its army OLA out of operation and to kill the Oromo’s dream.

OLF has accepted Ethiopian government call, and its leader with 1300 OLA members entered the country to conduct peaceful struggle. Some politicians and activists confused Oromo people by asking questions where were WBO when QEERROO was paying their only unreturned live to bring the present so-called “change?” The answer is simple. It is the present armed WBO who was fighting against injustice in the country without having any weapons by the name QEERROO BILISUMMAA OROMOO. That is why I always write by sating “WBO and QEERROO is inseparable.” Prime minister Abyi Ahmed and Oromiya president Lemma Megersa distinctly know this fact but steadily ignore and deny the truth. It is a well-known fact that the enormous members of OLA have been in Oromia waging war against the EPRDF’s military forces since the expulsion of OLF from the transitional government. Because they are envious, some of our respected old Oromo politicians wanted to deny this fact, because it was not done by them. Hating individual habit is one thing but denying fact is unacceptable. The truth is, Ex Oromo liberation front leaders and the present ones actually hate each other after departing from the OLF. It was not that their idea, principle and objectives are different from each other. But all of them, including ODF leaders, OLF-Transitional Authority and OLF leaders talked the reverse of this claim as if they are departed because of their differences on the idea and principles of the OLF. I will not give any detail here. When the time come I will.

For his own economic and political benefit, the prominent political activist, the owner of OMN media doesn’t want to see any strong Oromo Political Organization including ODP, let alone OLF. For that case, he has been doing day and night in diminishing OLF and destroying OLA but imitating as if he is a sympathizer of OLF. When one political organization become high and gathered many supporters the first one to defame that organization is him. For the confusion and deteriorating trust created amongst the Oromo Political Organizations, the lion share goes to him. He wants to destroy OLF through ODP military, and then to weaken ODP through Oromo protest; finally, to get his long-term goal, the political power. His desire clashes him with the ambition of Lemma Megerssa who wanted to become prime minister of Ethiopia. This prominent activist, recently announced that Oromo is “liberated” and tried to order us to shut our mouth: “Shut your mouth!” now, Oromo is ruling the country and do whatever you are told to do so, is his slogan!

Dear reader, personally, I don’t buy such thoughtless advice.  Oromo is not just a mere collection of individuals. It is a system. There has never been Oromo system since the downfall of Gadaa’s political, economic and social system. Bunch of Oromo individuals were in King’s, Derg’s and EPRDF’s Systems. Right now, Oromo individuals are not only in the EPRDF system, but also, on the top lead of that system. EPRDF system is neither Oromo system, nor Ethiopian system. The existing EPRDF system is the TPLF system. The system in which peoples are still killed indiscriminately, on their land (Gujii, Wollega, Borana), persecution is still happening (all over Oromia), people are arrested without wrong doing (more than 1000 in the last two weeks alone), and thousands are evicted from their land. More than it happened before, all walk of life are burned down in their house, right now (What has happening in Gujii and Wollega is a fresh example). Why activist kept quiet? Where are they? Did they get some amount of money, or power to “shut up their mouth?” The time is not so long far when Oromo put the names of many political organizations and activists in the freezer to have frozen them out of their life.

Let clear the confusion. Is OLF acceptance the agreement to work with EPRDF government an endorsement to put aside its fundamental objective to exercise the Oromo people’s right to self-determination? How can you accept something that might be considered “unacceptable?” My personal view is this: OLF’s agreement acceptance to work with EPRDF government is not a statement of ethical endorsement or personal preference. Some people wrongly believe that when OLF accept the agreement, members are blindly supporting it whether it is bad or good over some other option of how it could be. When you accept something, you simply allow yourself to your principles and trying to change things to be changed through time and process rather than having some pointless allergic reaction to what’s bad about it. Your acceptance is a commitment to the people you are struggling for and to your own principle. Acceptance is not a statement of ethical certification or personal favorite. When you accept something, you’re not saying it couldn’t be better or that you wouldn’t alter it if you had the right to choose how it was.

Even though OLF is running out of options, OLF clearly let EPRDF and the main actor ODP and Gimbot-7 that running out isn’t an option for OLF. We know the determination of OLF from the very beginning and its reassurance on September 15, 2018 that what so ever, there will be no running out from his father land. So, what is the fate of OLF? In 1991, the ball was at the hands of TPLF, now the ball is at hands of ODP both are under the same system, the EPRDF. Both tried to consume the same prey, the OLF. As one of the Ethiopian politicians said it was OPDO who led TPLF at then to every Oromo villages to conduct massacre, killing and arresting to happen. Now, ODP itself is the main actor of killing and ordering killing, harassing and torturing the Oromo people. As I have mentioned in my previous articles, Honey coated venom released by our prime minister Abyi Ahmed, fear-mongering spearheaded by our president Lemma Megarsa, lying and liars dispatched by Addisu Arega, ill advice given by a bunch of failures, unsubstantiated information broadcasted by EBC, ESAT and OBN, Oromo Democratic Party starts to work directly to kill or paralyze the prey, the OLF, OFC, and finally the dream of the Oromo people.” Don’t allow this to happen. Rise in unison against unjust war!

Horaa Bulaa!

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