Urgent Call for Action: Hands off Oromo Scholars and Community Leaders!

Urgent Call for Action: Hands off Oromo Scholars and Community Leaders!

The dangerous and unlawful extremist, ethno-racist and Amhara fundamentalist residing in the United States have started an all out campaign against the Oromos inside and outside of Ethiopia.  The primary purpose and intent of these criminal elements is the extermination of the Oromo people through genocide.  These few, but highly organized, individuals are backed by powerful institutions like media outfits, churches, civic organizations and so called Ethiopian community centers through out the United States.

The main culprits of these unlawful and dangerous act are backed and are working, in conjunction, with the current dictatorial regime in Ethiopia to exterminate innocent Oromos.   These illegal, evil, and inhumane campaign is manifesting itself by the ongoing effort to defame, attack employment and profession, social relationships and interactions, and waging an all out war on Oromo scholars, activists, community leaders and Organizers.

The few, with support and backing of many institutions, ethno-racist groups have heightened their baseless accusations and attacks on the Oromo activists and leaders by falsely, without scintilla of evidence, accusing them of instigating communal conflict, when factually and evidently the call for communal violence, genocide and killings against Oromos are their own doing, its the works of the below named extremists and their backers and supporters.

We, therefore, hereby put the U.S. officials, security forces, and local governments on notice that the below named individuals have been and continued to be a threat, source of intimidation, and vicious attacks on U.S. citizen Oromo-American community leaders and activists.

We have gathered and are in possession of vast evidence against, below named individuals and their backer, calls for the Oromo-American leaders and activists to be terminated from their place of employment, ostracized by the community at a large, and labeled as trouble makers and subjected them to other serious  unsubstantiated accusations.

To illustrate, they have targeted the lone and only media that has been engaged on informing, empowering and educating the Oromo people both in and outside of the country-the Oromia Media Network (“OMN”).  OMN is widely respected for presenting a fair, balanced, inclusive and accurate news and programs.

Furthermore, they have ferociously targeted the following highly respected scholars, professionals, and Oromo-American human rights advocates, leaders and activists: 1) Professor Ezekiel Gebissa; 2) Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa; 3) Dr. Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni; 4) Professor Awol Kassim Allo and many others who stand for truth, justice, equality and freedom.

The only thing the targeted leaders and activists, few named above, have done is advocating for human rights, justice, equality, and freedom for the oppressed Oromo people and all other oppressed nation and nationalities in Ethiopia.

The individuals and entities associative with the following individuals are directly responsible for dissemination false, dangerous, and unfair information against our activists and leaders in order to silence the voices of the voiceless.

The hate extremist group is mainly led, promoted and facilitated by the following individuals:  1) Tamagne Beyene (lives in Washington D.C. are and employment unknown); 2) Abebe Gellaw (believed to live in Washington D.C. area and works for a large and known law firm); 3)  Tedla G Woldeyohannes ( Visiting Professor, Chamberlain University, St. Louis last information we have); 4) Messay Mekonnen (lives in Washington D.C. area, and self proclaimed journalist at Esat TV); and 5) Ermias Leggesse Wakjira( believed to live in Washington DC area, and self proclaimed journalist and propagandist).

Therefore, upon putting the U.S. and local officials on notice, we also demand the above named individuals and their financial backers and supporters investigated and brought to justice. They have violated numerous Federal and State laws, including but not limited to, majority of provisions of hate crime laws. Unless these individuals and their supporters brought to justice,  Oromos in the U.S. will not be free or  feel safe to enjoy their basic Civil and constitutional rights here in the U.S.

To reiterate, we are ready, able, and have gathered substantial evidence and exhibits against the individuals campaign on social media, church groups, media, and all other communication methods.

Again, we hereby call upon on social media platforms to ban these hate filled dangerous individuals before they cause serious and irreparable harm to citizens, particularly Oromo-American leaders and activists.

Additionally, this petition and alert shall be presented and distributed to FBI, CIA, elected officials, local and city law enforcement, Civil Rights Organizations, the IRS, and all other relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies to prevent further unwarranted, unjustified, and dangerous ethnic-racial attack on law abiding scholars and advocates of Oromo-Americans.

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  1. Over one hundred Oromo singers have pledged to include one song dedicated to Hachalu’s memory in every album of songs they release for the rest of their lives.

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