Urgent Call for Release of Nightly Abducted Agaw Party Leaders

Urgent Call for Release of Nightly Abducted Agaw Party Leaders

By Agaw people in Diaspora

Nine Agaw National Shengo, party leaders, listed below had been in Injibara for a party meeting that includes local representatives. The meeting had been scheduled for March 15, 2020, for performance appraisal and next action. However, On March 14, at 10:30, pm in the local time, nine Shengo leaders had been abducted by Amhara Regional Government Security Forces, whilst they were in their hotel accommodations. The hostages had been held at Injibara Detention Center. The victims are namely:

  1. Mr. Fekadu Mesfin, External Relations Head
  2. Mr. Afework Aweke Political Affairs Head
  3. Mr. G. Hiwot Mulaw, Election Affairs Head
  4. Mr. Kiros Romha, Wag_Himra Public Relations Head
  5. Mr. Yoseph Tadle Zonal Election Affairs Head
  6. Mr. Melash Gebre Wag-Himra, Ziqol Woreda leadership member
  7. Mr. Abyot Deboch Central Gondar, Chilga Woreda leadership member
  8. Mr. Awoke Adane Central Gondar, Chilga Woreda leadership member
  9. Mr. Worku Fetene Shengo National Council member

The regional government’s current action is a blunt violation of:

  1. The Ethiopian Constitution.
  2. Revised Ethiopian Law for Political Parties Registration and Election.
  3. The international convention on human rights and fundamental freedom.
  4. It is also disrespect to the Agew/Agaw people who deserve freedom and dignity, and
  5. A litmus test for Mr. Temesgen Tiruneh, Regional Governor, who claims a pragmatic and hope for the window of democracy in the region.

One Amhara Regional Government official who had a close relation Ato Yohannes Boyelew had justified the abduction; by saying they had been in contact with Oromo parties and the TPLF. The regional government official’s argument is totally unacceptable and illegal. The Shengo is a registered party by Ethiopian National Election Board after fulfilling legal requirements. It is entitled to work and cooperate with any parties registered by Ethiopian Election Board, to promote the interests of the Agaw people. Shengo had no relation with any party outlawed by the Ethiopian Election Board. If the Amhara Regional Government had respect for the Board and the law of the country, it would not carry out such abduction against the opposition party members.

We call on

  1. Mr. Tiruneh Temesgen, to take an urgent measure for the leases of the abductees.
  2. All democratic and federalist forces put pressure on the release of the abductees. Today’s abduction on the Agaw leaders would happen to you, it is a matter of time and let us stand together for justice.
  3. The Agaw people to stand up for their rights, to insure the lease of their representatives.
  4. Also, we call for the release of 140 Kemant political prisoners for the past 3-years, Oromo political leaders
    activists, Sidame, Wolita and others currently under detention.

Agaw Community in Diaspora March 15, 2020

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