Urgent! The SNLF Condemns with The Strongest Possible Terms the Forced Deployment of the Sidama’s Forces

Urgent! The SNLF Condemns with The Strongest Possible Terms the Forced Deployment of the Sidama’s Forces By Abiy’s regime installed Sidama’s Prosperity Party (PP) Cadres.

Press Release by Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF), July 15, 2021

Sidama Police

The war on Tigray nation has caused and is to date causing mayhem and harrowing pain to civilians since the Ethiopia’s government allied with the foreign army has invaded its constitutionally instituted state on November 04, 2020. This war has displaced millions and subjected millions to starvation in addition to deaths of tens of thousands. Cognizant of the unfolding catastrophes, the global community in unison has denounced and considered it to be equivalent to genocide and crimes against humanity as rape and hunger were used as weapons of war in addition to ethnic profiling, attacking and imprisoning of people of Tigray origin throughout the country.

The Ethiopian government is also pushing with its incoherent approach in the aspect of its promises to uphold unilateral ceasefire it has declared few weeks ago. Instead of finding amicable solutions, the regime and its Eritrean ally with the Amhara’s regional government that is calling another regional allies to fight its war in Tigray; are actively engaged in ongoing military operation in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz and Kemant causing further bloodshed, severe material and human costs. This must be wholly denounced and immediately stopped.

This is the time when the nations of political south were called to support the Amhara elites’ expansionist war on Tigray on July 11, 2021. Due to Abiy’s regime plotted Amhara elites call, the Sidama special force was summoned to an urgent meeting on the evening 12th of July 2021where the Sidama state’s Abiy’s regime installed cadre including the state’s President ‘Desta Ledamo’ and his accomlices have advised the Sidama forces to be ready for deployment to support Amhara elites’ war in Tigray under the pretext of ‘in defence of Ethiopia’. The Sidama’s special forces have out rightly rejected and advised they do not want to kill Tigray civilians and do not want to be unnecessarily sacrificed.

Subsequently, most these Sidama special forces have disappeared into their own districts and remain in various discreet locations. Additionally, on the evening of the 13th and morning of the 14th of July 2021, the Sidama’s Abiy’s desperate cadres called for the Sidama’s ordinary police personnel with some new and untrained recruits from various districts of the Sidama state to fill in their quota and advised them they will be deployed to the Afar not to Amhara. Although these also refused, the recruits were forced and given false promises in return for their services by stressing that upon their return they will be rewarded with unknown kind of prizes. Abiy’s regime-controlled state Media has announced in the evening of July 14, 2021 that the Sidama state has prepared 200 special forces to join the war on Tigray nation under the pretext of maintaining law and order.

As the SNLF defends principle and respects the rights of the Tigray State to self-determination, it on behalf of the Sidama nation makes it unequivocal that the Sidama nation is not responsible for sending of the indicated recruits who were claimed to already deployed to be sacrificial lambs whilst defending the interest of the very enemy of the Sidama nation. The Amhara elites were the once who have staunchly rejected the Sidama’s becoming of a regional state by using their domestic and international media outlets two years ago. The SNLF and the nation it fights for its emancipation never support the causes of the colonial expansionists in any part of the country.

Therefore, we

  1. Categorically denounce the deployment of the Sidama police and new recruits for the war that defends the ambition of Amhara expansionist elites on one of the Ethiopia’s federated states of Tigray.
  2. Demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all forces including the Eritrean army that are deployed to attack Tigray and Oromia who are causing cataclysmic mayhem.
  3. Call upon the Sidama nation to unanimously denounce the deployment of the Sidama’s forces to Tigray to kill civilians and for them to pay unnecessary sacrifices.
  4. Call upon the Sidama people to prepare for the fightback as worst is likely as the regime in power is fighting to reverse the little gain thus far achieved by returning the empire into Neftegna ruled state thereby perpetuate the slavery of the subjugated nations.
  5. Call upon all the federalist forces to unanimously deplore the current war declared on Tigray, Oromo, Benshangul-Gumuz, Kemant and Agaw nations forging alliance with the foreign invaders instead demanding all to unconditionally stop the war on all nations and immediately withdraw from all regions and zones.
  6. Urge all the federalist nations and forces in Ethiopia to unite in defending humanity and its values by rejecting injustice and brutalities that are unfolding in Tigray, Oromia and in other regions and zones.
  7. Call upon the Ethiopia’s regime and its blinded diehard unionist supporters to unconditionally stop their wars on nations and nationalities in Ethiopia instead resorting to a peaceful and inclusive national dialogue that paves an avenue for transitional system.
  8. Call upon the international community to continue with exerting pressure on Ethiopian regime and its diehard Amhara elites including imposing further embargo until they stop their madness by conceding their defeat to be able to handover the power to the peoples of Ethiopia.
  9. Send our deepest condolences to Tigray, Oromo, Benshangul Gumuz, Kemant, Agew and various nations during this difficult time as state allied with the foreign forces commits genocide and crimes against humanity on their civilians. The SNLF assures you all that you are not alone as the pain you are suffering is ours simply because the Sidama nation has suffered the same fate just few years ago because of the brutality of the same regime.

Justice and Freedom for all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia!
The Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF)
July 15, 2021

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  1. From your Oromo brother somewhere in the World, VIVA SNLF, for taking a just and correct stand on the FORCED deployment of Forces of the Sidama Nation in an UNJUST and Expansionist Amhara Nafxagna war! I AND millions of Oromos are PROUD to call you OUR TRUE BROTHERS!

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