Wallagga Magaalaa Naqamtee FXG Itti Fufee Jira!!


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  1. Due to the brain drain and the capital flights Ethiopia is in ever so growing foreign debt ,a debt which expected to grow to the amount of more than 100 billion dollars by the time Ethiopia starts paying back the creditors with electricity assuming the Nile Dam Hydroelectric power export starts as scheduled . TPLF is not leaving power as long as Ethiopia is in a borrowing mode, beacuse TPLF wants to continue stealing the borrowed money, nothingelse. TPLF are willing to give power to Jawar Mohammed and Berhanu Nega when Ethiopia is expected to start paying back the foreign creditors meaning by the time operation of the Nile Dam hydroelectric power export .

    The current Coup De Tat attempt remotely managed by Jawar Mohammed And Berhanu Nega costed tens of thousands of lives forcing close to a million Ethiopians to flee their country in exile with close to 100 billion dollars capital flights foreign currency being taken out of Ethiopia illegally just in the last 26 years with TPLF still in power, TPLF have a plan to when TPLF will give up power and things are going according TPLF’s plan so far. TPLF does not want to stay in power after the completion of the dam because the borrowing is expected to end and the paying back is expected to start then, so the TPLF officials are making sure the Ethiopian people do not expect TPLF to stay in power once the dam is completed but until then TPLF is willing to continue doing anything possible just to stay in power and suck the life out of the country by various methods.

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