We will gladly visit parks when death and destruction ends

We will gladly visit parks when death and destruction ends

By Abba Torbban Kuttayee, May 25, 2021

Abiy Ahmed

Abiy Ahmed’s psychopathic personality disorder was on display during his recent meeting with an American envoy at the Minilik’s palace.

More than two weeks ago, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had a long meeting with the visiting American special envoy, who seriously brought to his attention about ethnic cleansing and devastating destruction in Tigray, Oromia, and other parts of the Ethiopian empire.

The American special envoy urged Abiy Ahmed to stop the war in Tigray and Oromia, postpone or cancel the June 2021 election, and immediately start a national dialogue with all stakeholders for saving Ethiopia from disintegration.

Abiy Ahmed openly admitted to ethnic cleansing and destruction in Tigray, Oromia, and other parts of the country. However, he stunned the American special envoy by his callous disregard for death and destruction in his country and bragged that Ethiopia is on the path to greatness under his leadership.

What most exposed Abiy Ahmed’s psychopathic personality disorder was his asking the American special envoy to visit the parks he had constructed around Finfinnee in the past three years.

The American special envoy frankly told Abiy Ahmed that he went to his country for trying to end the shocking death and destruction in that country and not for visiting parks.

Unashamed and while smiling, Abiy Ahmed asked the American special envoy that they should tour his parks during their next visit to Ethiopia. But members of the special envoy responded by stating that they will gladly visit parks when death and destruction end and when peace and stability will be restored in Ethiopia.

Finally, it was reported that even Abiy Ahmed’s advisors who attended the American special envoy’s meeting, were stunned by the Prime Minister’s, cold-blooded attitude, narcissism, his Machiavellian personality, his inability to grasp reality, his exhibition of a serial killer’s personality, and above all, his utter unresponsiveness to human suffering.

It is believed that it was one of those disappointed advisors, who leaked information about Abiy Ahmed’s psychopathic personality disorder during his disastrous meeting with the American special envoy.


  1. Abiy is well known psychopath. He has no idea about the destructions that worried the world. He is in preparation for more war still.

  2. I knew and coined him aa psychopath and demagogue. Dangerous serial killer three years ago. Now, I can pride myself that I was ✅. I wished everyone to listen to me but did not and we lost a lot of lives and property and now the country is disintegrated.

    For the record, Abiy will destroy a lot and will finally be killed in his door.

  3. It’s all a lie and a personality assassination of a leader who didn’t succumb to the American arm twisting to accomplish their desires, which is favorable to the former TPLF and currently non-existent leaders and their vigilantes as well assassination the Oromo accomplices (shene).

    • Keep on denying you heartless scumbag. Soon you will be in grave with your stupid leader.

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