What did Abiy Ahmed say about Economists and Eduacted?

What did Abiy Ahmed say about Economists and Eduacted?

What did Abiy Ahmed say about Economists

By Bedassa Tadesse, Professor of Economics, March 15, 2020

To be clear I am an economist. I have 4 economics degrees. A B.Sc in Agricultural Economics (from Haromaya University, Ethiopia); an MSc. in Development Economics (from India); an MA in International Economics (from the USA) and a Ph. D. in Applied Economics (from the USA). I am an Oromo, a professor of Economics working in the USA.

Unlike Abiy Ahmed, I completed my studies, all of them, with distinction or great distinction. I was a Gold Medalist when I graduated from Haromaya University with my first degree. I was taught by great professors who had their educational credentials from highly respected universities around the world.

I have taught at various universities in Ethiopia including Asmara University back in the days and Jimma College of Agriculture. I have been among the minds who worked day and night in making the road that paved the way for Jimma college of Agriculture to become what it is today, Jimma University.

I have worked with smart and creative minds (in all fields) who dedicated their lives to making life better for the farmers of Ethiopia. Yes, I admit that I have also worked with individuals who gave up on their professions and ended up becoming puppets for the TPLF government when they were offered the opportunity to become ministers and university presidents. I can name names if needed. If Abiy was referring to them, I agree with him. I doubt he is referring to them, though.

We have produced better minds who are serving Ethiopia and the world in various capacities. Lately though, it appears that some ended up as leaders in Ethiopia’s ministry of education. They probably stamped the fake degrees that Abiy Ahmed now lists as his achievements.

Let me be clear. Although I reference my degrees, this note is NOT about myself nor my achievements. It is bout responding to a rant given by the PM. I want to be clear that the system that produced me and many elites in Ethiopia can never produce people like Abiy Ahmed, a scumbag PLAGIARIST!

I am a professor of economics currently producing creative minds who have human capital that can leapfrog the development of a great nation like the USA. In Abiy Ahmed’s mindset, people like me can’t help Ethiopia. What a farce!

If I were teaching Abiy Ahmed an undergraduate course, judging his work based on the speech he gave yesterday at a Millenium Center about economists, he would not just have a failing grade. He would be dismissed for plagiarism!

I do not blame him though for we can’t expect to hear something original about the role of professionals in various fields from someone who has not even completed a high school.

The PM blubbered about how economists get their degrees writing about rich people. It made me laugh a lot at a time when there is not that much to laugh given the CVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the suffering of my people in Oromia under his military rule.

His speech shows his ignorance about the field of economics in general and the great innovators. He cited names of college dropouts who went on and achieved great things in life.

I understand that he is trying to find a place for himself. He is wrong for, unlike him, scientists and economists get a Nobel Prize for a work that had significant contributions to changing the lives of people.

I want to wind my note about Abiy by stating what my fellow Ph.D. (economist) wrote to me upon listening to the speech given by the PM.

” The PM’s reckless comment on economists should not be left without a response. The PM has a shallow understanding of political/economic development.

The best medical doctor is not necessarily the healthiest person. The best economist, for instance, Economics noble prize winners of 2019, Abhijit Banerjee or Esther Duflo, are not the richest persons. Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek didn’t make their own money to cement the foundation for the modern world economic system. Aristotle, Socrates, Kant, and Hegel didn’t govern even a village to leave us the foundation for the political and philosophical thoughts we all rely on today.

Abiy is being naive to understand the root causes of political/economic development. He should not entertain the issue of associating an individual’s scientific endeavor with his practical personal gain/benefit from such a discipline.

Anti-intellectualism is not just championing ignorance. It is dangerous propaganda that paves the way for suppression of dissent and extermination of the intelligentsia. It must be condemned and corrected before it is late.”

By Tefera Tolera, March 15, 2020

It is very disappointing to hear such a contraversial speech made yesterday by the Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed. What buffles everybody is why he targeted the intelectuals in his speech. Hopefully he asks his speech writers in case he came public before checking the content of his speech.

He may have regretted by now but I want to say few words why the PM is wrong.

First and foremost, PM Abiy Ahmed should demonstrate that he is the leader for all, litertes & illiterates, young & old, etc. PM Abiy should demonstrate that he is for all and he is capable to do that. Speeches are made to deliver helpful and positive messages to the society. In his yesterday’s shocking speech he alluded to say the educated are of no use for the country! That is totally wrong!

Let’s not forget that PM Abiy Ahmed was encouraging Ethiopians living abroad and Ethiopian descent to contribute $1 a day towards the country’s development. It is important to note that those contributions were/are to be made from countries where education and educated people are valued and are encouraged to innovate.

As PM has tried to explain that the educated have no relevance, I am not sure if he is confident anymore to be called by the title “Dr” afterwards.

There is a common proverb “Think twice before you speak!” For the leaders it is in fact think 1000x! Well that is what the civilized societies do! PM Abiy Ahmed or someone who wrote that speech should have thought 1000x before the PM coming to public.

I am sure PM Abiy didn’t mind using that unlucky microphone when making that unhelpful speech. Modern and fancy microphone used today are the product of early inventions!

The work of Anglo-American and Music Professor David Edward Hughes (1831-1900); German born American Emil Berliner (1851-1929), who studied physics; Scottish-American, Scientist & Engineer Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) were the early pioneering inventors of the first microphone that the world has ever seen! The early inventors used their natural intellect and gifts to develop products that stage speakers enjoy today. Education has shaped their natural gift to lay a foundation for the modern era microphones.

Sorry microphone, the profession and the invention of your creator was looked on down!

PM Abiy Ahmed may have frustrated himself with the lack of the country’s ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT that was meant to transform the life of the society he is leading. A country is developing when there is surplus trade. Being funded by the IMF, World Bank, etc is not an economic development! Generations will pay with interest of the fund borrowed by the sitting government such as the Government of Abiy Ahmed. The best solution for the PM to help the country to prosper is by getting the right advice from EDUCATED Economists! It is unfortunate that those Economists are happened to be PhD holders and Professors!

PM Abiy Ahmed, the country cannot be run by “OUT OF TOUCH” character!

Mohammednur Guye, March 15, 2020

Raajiidhuma dhageenya.
CUNDHUURAAN HABASHAA ABIY AHMADIS namni barnoota guddaa qabu bu’aa hin qabu jedhe….

ABIY dhugaa jedhe, inni barnoota seeraan Kan baratee xumure hanga kutaa 8ttii. Kutaa 8 ministirii kufee jennan, miseensa homaa waraanaa galmaayee seene. San booda ragaa BARNOOTAA ni bitatee malee ragaa guutuu hin qabu.
Kanaaf immoo ragaan miidiyaaleen adunyaa Kan akka , ALJAZIRA fii CNN , takkaa DR ABIY jechuun yaamaniinii hin beekan. Ragaa hunda qoratanii waan dhabaniif abiy Ahmad alii jechuun Kan fayyadamaniidha.

ABIY barateettii miti Kan aangoo kana qabateen,
Kanaaf dubbii isaa kalleessa irratti barnoota QARSHIIN Wal qabsiisee, hayyuummaan bu’aa akka hin qabne dubbattaa Kan tureef.

By Girma Gutema

Dear friends and followers:

For today, I leave you with one important concept which is deeply rooted both in the scientific philosophy and also in theological thoughts — COMPOUND IGNORANCE as the DISEASE of the POWER OF INTELLECTUALISM.

Google the terms to navigate your own way to understand the idea.

And, have a good night?

Compound ignorance is a chronic disease of the power of the intellect.

Have a good Sunday, folks

Tsegaye Ararssa, March 15, 2020

Kadhatee, kakatee, tokko maallaqaan kaan aangoodhaan hawwachiisee, odeffannoo qabatamaan dhugaa ta’e waakkatee, hidhaa fi ajechaa dhaan doorsisee, girrisaawwan isaa midiyaa hawaasaa irratti bobbaasee beektota arrabsiisee, waan danda’uu hunda godhee, ofitti fiduu gaafa dadhabe arrabsootti gadi dhidhimee, beekkumsa fi beektota salphisutti ka’e. Silas kashlabbeen kana caalaa maal beekti? #Ay_Abiy!

ለምኖ-አስለምኖ፣ ዋሽቶ-ክዶ-ተገዝቶ፣ አንዱን በንዋይ፣ ሌላውን በሥልጣን ለማማለል ሞክሮ፣ በእስር ወይም በግድያ አስፈራርቶ፣ ተፅዕኖውን በመጠቀም የማላደርገው-ማላስደርገው ነገር የለም ብሎ ቃል ገብቶ፣ በሚዲያ ደቦ ጀሌዎቹን አሰማርቶ አሰድቦ፥ ስም አጥፍቶ፣ ሌላም ሌላም ብዙ ብዙ ነገር አድርጎ፣ ወደ እራሱ ማስጠጋት ሲያቅተው፣ እውቀትንና ምሁራንን በይፋ ወደ መሳደብ ሸጥ እራሱን አወረደ። ድሮስ መደዴ ከዚህ ሌላ ምን ያውቃል? #አይ_ነውር_ጌጡ!

On a serious note: I think the struggle ahead should also aim at restoring some dignity and virtue to public office, public service, and the life thereof by removing this vulgarity embodied and promoted by Abiy.


“Beektota xiqqeessuu fi madda rakkoo godhanii miidiyaa biyyoolessaa irratti dubbachuun kun dubbii hamtuu baatti. Hayyuu ykn beekaa jedhamuuf dirqama #daaqonii ykn #phaaphaasii tahuun dirqama miti. Kan Abiyi beekaa godhee dhiheessuu barbaadu isaan kana dha. Sababa Daani’el Kibrat jibbameef jechas hangana dubbii borcuun Isa irra hin turre.”

~from Meesha Kaasee GD.

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  1. Namittin tun sammuun ishii Furrii qofa dha. Akkaa Shunkurtii diimaa ykn Qullubbii diimaa qola malee kessoo hinqabdu. Hammumaa dubattu of-qunchiftee, of-soqoltee, of-salphiste, duwwaa ta’u ishii argisisa jirti. Hummata keenyaaf garuu kun wanta gaarii dha. Enyummaa namitti kanaa fii siyaasa ishiin ittin adeemtu guyyaa guyyaan akka Galaa salpahachaa ademaa jirtii.

    Ilaalchi jarri tun nama barateef qabdu, Ilaacha “OPDO” isa bu’uuraa, isa ganamaa iraa madde. OPDOn bara 1990n kessa, Nafxanyaan beekumsa ishii kamin biyya bulchaa turtee? Nuti Nafxanyya gadii mitii jecha turte. kanaafu, biyya bulchuf barnota ykn beekumsa hin-barbachisuu ilaalcha jedhu qabdi ture. Yero sana diina ykn nyapha nafxanyyaa turte, gooftan ishii TPLF ejjanno akasi wanta qabacha turtef. Amma immoo dhiiga ilmaan oromon dhiibaa jalaa baatee, nafxanyaa of gotee, nafxanyaan waltaatee jirti. Oromon asin achitti kan doofaan, raatuun, hundi itti tapahatuu miti.

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