Why Dr. Abiy does not have committed constituents despite his popularity, poetic preach, and good mannerism?

Why Dr. Abiy does not have committed constituents despite his popularity, poetic preach, and good mannerism?

By Abbaa Ormaa, PhD, May 31, 2019

Xoollay is the new Qilinxoo where Oromos are tortured and poisoned.

Otomo Liberation Army. On the left is one who decided not to give in the cause of the Oromo people. Those you submitted themselves to the government (right) were poisoned by the government agents.

Xoollay is the new Qilinxoo where Oromos are tortured and poisoned.

What are the reasons for Dr. Abiy’s lack of committed constituents despite his poetic preach and good mannerism? I want his to succeed because his failure is a failure to Oromos, to all Ethiopians and to the Horn of Africa. But I want him to succeed the right way not by violence and the old political machination.  In my opinion he is destined to fail unless he makes corrective measures sooner than later!

Dr. Abiy’s real constituent is supposed to come from the Oromo people. So why the Oromo people are not crazy about him outside a pocket of Oromos? I believe that this is his own making from day one! His obsession with historical enemies of Oromos Menelik and Nafxaanyas has a lot to do with it. History tells us that his dance with the Amhara Nafxaas is not going to get him a single vote from them. They are using him as usual. So, if he is to have a real constituent it will be the Oromo people before anyone else. Why he is failing to secure that base?  I see two reasons.

First is history: HE was and is OPDO for God’s sake! This is something he and his few companions cannot shake off. For the las 27 years TPLF used OPDO to rape, incarcerate, torture, and massacre the Oromo people and take everything they can to enrich themselves and their people.  It is Abadula Gamada, Dr. Abiy’s architect of current Oromia police together with Leencoo Lataa, who lied in front of the world to declare war on the Oromo people in the name of the illegal “State of Emergency” that turned Oromia into Oromo killing zone. Menelik evicted Tulama Oromo for his nafxaanyaa settlers. OPDO cleared what is left of their descendants from around Finfinnee to create a new settlements for Amhara Nafxaanyaa descendant.

Both Dr. Abiy and Lemma are architects of EPRDF Spy-net that ruined and killed loved ones of thousands of Oromos. By the way I don’t think the EPRDF government will never bring Getachew Asafa to justice. It is not serious because they were in it together.

Second is what is happening today under Dr. Abiy and OPDO?

  • OPDO/EPRDF is waging war on Oromummaa and the Oromo people. An active war is going on in half of Oromia. OPDO is working hard to replace Oromummaa by “Ethiopiawinet” under the slogan of being Ethiopian is an addiction.
  • Since OPDO moved into Menelik’s palace, close to three million Oromos are Internally Displaced and still counting.
  • OPDO declared war on Oromo people using the same old tactics of labeling civilian as OLF.
  • Youths are killed daily in their work places, on their farms, some even scratching mother earth to get day’s bread. (Recently 8 kids were killed by Dr. Abiy’s army in Wallaga while working on gravel for day’s bread.
  • Xoolay became Dr. Abiy’s Qilinxoo where thousands of Oromos: business people, youths, farmers, teachers, Doctors, and former WBO’s are jailed and poisoned.
  • Part of Oromia, to be specific the South and West Oromia, is under command post worse than the TPLF era. Women are raped daily, children are hunted, houses are burned and families are ruined.
  • Oromo people in these areas are purposely blocked from harvesting their crops, harvest coffee, working on farms to impoverish them as a punishment of supporting the OLF.
  • OPDO is working day and night to divide the Oromo people by religion and region.
  • OPDO’s attempt to rewrite history to fight Oromummaa and promote Ethiopiawinet that the Oromo people rejected for more than a century.
  • OPDO is sabotaging Oromo traditional institutions and replacing them with its puppets as recently happened to Gummi Gadaa.
  • Dr. Abiy is more concerned about Finfinnee than the poor Oromo farmers that has been marginalized and impoverished for more than a century with no clinks, no schools, no running water, you name it. 25 billion promised for Finfinnee project would have changed the lives of millions of Oromo and other farmers in addressing these problems.
  • The Oromo people are fair and therefore do not like unfair treatment of the Oromo Liberation Front and other Oromo political organizations and using government apparatus to push them.

Many Oromos hoped for new and better days but after a period of posturing life for Oromo youths, farmers, and students went to where it was under TPLF: war, kidnapping, incarceration, and displacement.

These are what I think has contributed to the rejection of ODP/OPDO by the majority of Oromos in favor of independent Oromo political organizations. The Oromo people are going back to armed struggle to change the EPRDF status quo for once and for all. If history is our guide, they will succeed!

Horaa Bulaa!

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  1. Thank you, Dr Abbaa Ormaa.

    Without going into much detail, it is clear that OPDOs were organized to advance Tigrian agendas in Oromia. They were successful in accomplishing that purpose, effectively and efficiently, in the 27 years they served as TPLF working donkeys. Afterwards, by submitting to and picking their “Ethiopian” cue from neo-neftagnas and anti Oromo lunatic fringes, they have subscribed to nostalgia of old Ethiopia, in which the “Amhara” and a few “galtuu” others have been beneficiaries. Get me here; I have Amhara relatives and Tigrian friends, and love them genuinely. However, having Amhara as relatives or Tigrawian as friends does not equate to turning blind eyes to deceptive politics. By the way, “nostalgia does not serve any purpose in solving political problems”. It only complicates matters and results in missed opportunities. The key to justice and freedom is in the hands of the great Oromo people and ethnic groups who have been subjugated in the Ethiopia we all know.

    Now, NaAM extremists and savage Amhara militia are poised to turn Ethiopia into the land of more bloodshed (they exhibited their capabilities by the recent massacres they conducted in Qimant, Kemissie, Gumuz, North Shoa and other localities). Ethiopia will probably disintegrate because of the refusal of those acting in the name of “Amhara” to come out of medieval mindset and move into the 21st century. Other Ethiopians must not turn blind eyes to the activities of the ultra nationalist (NaAM) fascists, who can be real threat to all Ethiopians. The Oromo, particularly qeerroo and qarree must understand that they are not represented at all, and be prepared to defend themselves and other Ethiopians from the danger posed from Amhara militia. There should be no elusion about this. They must not be distracted by the false assumption of having Oromo PM at Arat Kilo. Dr Abiy Ahmed is more of “Amhara” than Oromo both psychologically and in the political lines he follows. Lemma Megerssa is “addicted to old Ethiopia” and well placed as a Defense Minster to let Oromo blood, and satisfy that addiction. Neither the OPDO/ODP nor the OLF, which is strangled by mediocre politicians, who are busy manufacturing factions are capable of achieving freedom and justice for the great Oromo people.

    Oromo, qeerroo and qarree; “in politics, being deceived is no excuse”. Understand your immense potential and bargain for settlements effectively. Do not support any political organization unconditionally; your support must be critical and measured on the basis of them standing for your interests. Do not give up on your fundamental questions because you are being cheated. Exert maximum pressures in order to achieve your objectives. The sky is NOT the limit if the Oromo wake up to Abyssinian deceptions and toxic politics, and act in unison to assert themselves. That is, there is no limit to what the great Oromo people can achieve if they stay politically conscious and united in pursuing justice and freedom. Beware; adhere to your beautiful culture of peaceful coexistence with your neighbours. Asserting yourselves must ascertain your mutual coexistence with your other Ethiopian brothers and sisters. Your struggles are not aimed at other ethnic groups; you are seeking justice and freedom, and that must be guided by your inclusive culture and traditions.


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