Why ESAT journalists hate Oromo?

Why ESAT journalists hate Oromo?

By Rundassa Eshete, December 23, 2018

Mesay Mekonnen of ESAT recently wrote a hateful and unsubstantiated essay which was distributed widely by forums that seemingly shared his creed.

His essay mustered the idea of love for Ethiopia through a hidden tribal hate for others, a gimmick that rose to climax in the 1990s but declined in the recent years due to a heavy punch of the Qerro. It is regaining some ground now to revive and promote Amhara superiority using deceptive propaganda and manufactured news.

They are regaining the confidence they lost as a result of the towering Qero movement of the last 5 years, especially after the recent conflict between OLF and ODP.

The types of Mesay and ESAT journalists are precisely what need to be defeated by the Oromo struggle at all cost. Once a tiny hole is created among Oromo, they will pile their nastiness, boundless hate, manufactured lies, and writing skills to expand the tiny hole, and use Oromo weakness to feed their own defeated glory. The idea of using Ethiopia as a code name for Amhara is still alive, despite we have exposed it in enough depth and scope for decades.

Journalists such as that of ESAT have little or no love for Ethiopia, but only love for their own tribal arrogance. Their paradox of love of Ethiopia while not caring about its people never bothers them, they think they are cunning enough to hide it. So, ESAT journalists’ version of Ethiopia sees no other people in that country, at least not as equals. For them, peace can be catered for their own hegemony.

Those of us who have once lived in the West are used to expecting some ethics from journalists, to report and tell the truth. Living and immersed in free and fair media city of Washington DC, these journalists cannot learn even from what they see and hear every day. What is the reason for such resistance to learn? Where does the total disregard for knowledge come from? I think hate blinds. When politics and hate are merged in one person of a journalist, it becomes a poison capable of killing and destroying. Mesay of ESAT exhibits these traits fully and squarely. Let me prove my point, based on Mesay’s recent writing:

  1. Mesay writes that Daud gives orders from Ilili hotel, while his hotel costs were covered by government. Look at the value of journalism, perhaps misinformed himself, incapable of doing a simple research, or knowingly, misinforming thousands of others. For the record, the government never paid a penny for Daud’s brief hotel accommodation, or for any of Daud’s accommodation at all. The creation of sensational lies only benefits hate mongers.
  2. The ESAT journalist writes that while in Asmara, Daud enjoyed his Ouzo areke, and drove a Landcruiser. Again, Daud doesn’t drink alcohol and he never owed a Landcruiser.
  3. Mesay praises Lema and Abiy as heroes now. However, just some months ago, ESAT journalists were saying the opposite. The sudden praise is simply because they want to create conflict between the Oromo camp. ESAT audience may remember when ESAT journalists were saying ‘Lemma, who terrorized the Oromo people for 25 years, can’t be an Oormo hero.’
  4. Mesay writes OLF is divided into three groups: 1) led by Daud with 1000 followers, 2) army led by Gobez aleqoch, 3) a group led Col. Gemechu Ayana who works with Getachew Asefa. This sounds more of a wish that factual report. Why a fuss about an organization with only 1000 followers then? You see, he must have missed the September 15 entrance of the OLF. Any political observer of the country knows the support of the Oromo people for the OLF. Colonel Gemechu is a dissent nationalist who takes his orders directly from Daud, and remains a trusted force of OLF. This is the truth. ESAT could simply call him and check otherwise. There are no Gobez Aleqas who don’t listen to Daud. OLF is one organization.
  5. Reporting haphazardly without a shred of evidence, the ESAT journalist states that 6.8 million Birr was saved from OLF attackers when a bank automobile driver escaped to a town called Shakisso. He adds 3 died, and … during the attack.” This is totally unbecoming of a journalist.There are no names of the victims, no name of the Bank, no details required by any journalistic standards. But it satisfies the hate attack for that purpose. If the ESAT journalists prove that the bank was indeed attacked by the OLF, I will of course publicly apologize. But I don’t expect apology from ESAT journalist’s side.
  6. The ESAT journalist also writes about an unfortunate event near Amarokele, during which 100s of cattle were raided, coffee and banana plantations burned, and 4 citizens killed. Again, there are no details, but he blames the OLF for the attack. This is an area where tribal conflicts existed for decades – long before the OLF existed. OLF fighters were not in that region. The attempt is clear, any criminal act should be attributed to the OLF as the barer of Oromo nationalism. What drives such hate is inconceivable.
  7. The ESAT journalist writes that no two-armed forces ever lived in the same country taking orders from two different commands. Yes, this is true. Again, the ESAT writer forgot that OLF fighters lived in Ethiopia for more than four decades, in the same country – only the command seat changed. In any case, this is what it took to start peace in Ethiopia, peace that is now upset by people like ESAT journalists.
  8. Why does ESAT preach that the OLF is anti-Ethiopian, without any evidence? I think this is needed to mobilize donors for their TV. The same individuals who want to build Ethiopia are being used to destroy it.
  9. Mesay of ESAT pretends he dislikes identity politics. How can one dislike identity politics while hating other identities, Oromo in particular?
  10. He writes OLF is entirely not only from Wollega, but a county within Wollega. Wow! Doesn’t he really know the leadership of the OLF? It only takes a simple research if he is truly a journalist. Daud’s Vice chair is from the East, the third man, commander of the army is from Ambo, and in fact, I know a commander from Arsi. I think he knows this. He also knows that the OLF is the primary victim of the TPLF, its members tortured, lost legs and limbs, he knows that. But it serves his hate politics to say that TPLF and OLF as friends.

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  1. From among the ESAT journalists, Mesay is by far the worst. I say this because I noted that Mesay uses sensational phrases with unsubstantiated claims. I tend to think that Mesay is intentionally misinforming the public.

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