Obbo Fekadu Megersa is Fighting against Lethal Diseases    

Obbo Fekadu Megersa is Fighting against Lethal Diseases    

The life of an Oromo figure, who has been fighting hard for Oromo unity and freedom, is in danger as he battles with serious diseases in Maryland, USA.

Obbo Fekadu Megersa Gudeta is the founder and manager of the most popular Oromo centric www.ayyaantuu.org, and its sister  online resources. These two online resources have allowed thousands of Oromos to freely share their articles, collections, and artistic products to the entire Oromo communities globally. Consequently, thousands of Oromos have received vital information on Oromia and Oromo society. Furthermore, because of his commitment to inform and enlighten his society that has been kept in ignorance and darkness, Obbo Fekadu has been working on a project to create a global Oromo virtual library.

Obbo Fekadu also had his footprints in the initiation and administration of the Madda Walaabu Oromo-centric radio. He also worked for the Oromo Relief Association to support Oromos who were affected by war, famine, and variety of diseases in Oromia and beyond.

Anybody who knows Obbo Fekadu can testify that he is a dedicated Oromo to advance the Oromo cause to overcome political oppression, economic exploitation, and dehumanizing poverty.

We appeal to the world-wide Oromo individuals and communities to extend their support to the immediate and long-term needs of Obbo Fekadu and his family. We also request you to wish for his speedy recovery and remember him and his family in your prayers at this critical time.

Family Bank info.: Routing No. 255071981; A/c: 2163201023, CapitalOneBank GoFundMe Link: 

Message on behalf of his family and friends

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