It has been said that the Ethiopian Renaissance Force has started to source electricity.

It has been said that the Ethiopian renaissance force has started to source electricity.

Out of the 16 tarbains that this one has, the work of stopping one Tarbine has started to produce 375 Mega electric power.
A.L.I in 2003 the construction of the prime minister Meles Zenawi, the imprisonment has been completed for four years to 6 years and it is said that it will supply 6 thousand mega electricity for 6 thousand per month, it is not yet finished.
Engineer Kiflee Horro has stated that it will take three years to complete the project that has been counted for 11 years.
The project that is being built by the people of the country has been collected in different times a lot of money from the people has been collected by the need and obligation. The money collected from the people for the project but the project is not going to be done, it is said that it will be expelled by the robbery.
The problems faced by the project management have made the project more attractive than expected.
The relations of the neighboring countries have been with Sudan and Egypt, especially since Abiy Ahmed’s administration came to power. The previous relations based on the discussion, the two countries are about the construction of the project “our security concern? and they have presented to the peace council of the United States It’s a little bit of fun.


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