PM Abiy Ahmed says African Americans live in the past

PM Abiy Ahmed says African Americans live in the past

In the first part of this video, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali ( recipient) tried to create a parallel example of Oromos and African Americans. He is literally blaming African Americans (Oromos and other nations in Ethiopia) for the injustice they’re facing now. In the second part of the video you see Amharic speaking Addis Ababa “Aradas?, people who dearly abhor Oromos and other nations in Ethiopia are laughing when the psychopath Col. Abiy mocks on the wounds of oppressed people.

Note: the first video clip has English subtitles. Thus, it’s convenient to report it to  and other rights groups.


  1. Your excellency Doctor Abey, I never expected your comment of blaming Black America for cyclical
    injustices they face. You seem to appraise the Jews as the once excelling in economy & everything. Dr
    Abbey how many Jews forget Hitlers gas chambers?
    How many Jews let alone in America even in Germany
    Would renovate those Killing Chambers of Nazi camps?
    Jews do remember those who barberically gased by Hitler each year. They do memorial manuments plus
    Wrote archives of books detailing the ghosty expriences for millions of years to come as your regime
    Is busy denying basic rights to live throught Oromia.
    Doctor your comments in regards of Black America is baseless, have no merits infact defamatory! Focus on
    Killing Ethiopians to fullfil your late mothers ambitions of crowning Thyself to the empire of doomsday!

  2. Most African Americans are debt free , most donot drive borrowed cars or they donot owe money mortgage payments for the houses they live in that is living in the present not living in the past.
    Spending borrowed money is living in the future ,is not living in the present.

    African Americans live in a house of our ancestors until we own something , unlike the Ethiopian government officials who go fight proxy wars killing Africans hoping they will get lasting relations with the West .
    Ethiopia go roaming around the globe begging to borrow billions of dollars with hefty to interests selling their future to foreign western countries , that’s living in the future , spending borrowed money is living in the future which Ethiopia is being known for . PM Abiy Ahmed asked the West for all debt cancellation , does he still see that happening?

  3. The Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed is blaming the victims ( African Americans and the colonized Oromo people ) for the crimes done on them.

  4. Dr.Abiy rakkoon gurraacha Ameerika irra gahaa turee fi gahaa jiru jalaa badee natti hin fakkattu. Miidhama keenya qofa himaaa oolla yoo ta’e daranuu miidhamna ilaalcha jedhu qabu natti fakkaata. Boo’aa oluun hojii hin ta’u rakkoo jiru hunda moo’achuun akka joobiraatti madda rakkoo keenyaa ol taanee rakkoo keenyaa moo’achuu malee rakkoo keenya jala ciifnee boo’uun nuun hin baasuu yaaduma jedhu ibsuuf waan kaasan fakkata malee dhimma biroo qabaaree?

    • He is trying to hide what happened to Oromo nation in the past century. We can not forget it. It’s still happening now. Seenaa darbee dhoksuuf yaaluu ykn awwaluu irra, waan darbee sanii namni hunduu akka irraa baratuu godhuudha. Kan irratti raawwatanes kan rawwates irra baratee wanta akkasi akka nama hin baranne godhuudha. Kana yoo ta’uu baate namni wal hin kabajuu kan darbee san laalanii wal kabajuu qabuu. Yaanni isaa gababuumatti seenaa darbee akka ka’u hin fedhuu. kana immoo ummanni oromoo hangaa lafa kana irra jirutti hin dhiisu waan irra gayee dhalaoota itti aanu barsiisuu qabaa.

    • You are so hilarious, are you seriously thinking that he understands about the black Americans problems? If you do so, you are not better than him brother 😂 he know nothing about African Americans lives, why comparing those nations that is so far from being compared to one another, I’ll tell you what, Abiy is just talking and have no idea what he is talking about , kan inni beeku gochaa gara jabinaatiin wantuma ta’ee barame itti fufee gochuudha, inni yeeyyi hoolaa keessaati, eenyuutu equality jibbe du’aaf hidhaatti yaa’a, maaf wallaalaa taata, Oromoof kan falmu waaqa tokkicha malee enyuyyu miti kanaafu dhaqii itti gali oromoon oromoo irratti bitamuun nuuf haaraa miti garuu guyyaan jira waanuma fedheefu Abdii hin kutannu do not deny the truth the fact that Oromo have been killed and prisoned without committing any crime period.

  5. This the stupidest comment I’ve ever heard from a country leader that call himself educated who have no clue the history how, when Africans came , what they went through for the past 400 years and when the Jewish arrived to America. Please shut your mouth and learn history then you can comment !

  6. biyyoon siif yaa salphatu maatin kee gara siif yaa jabesu ummaata oromo qabsoo yaa milkkeessuu kan sii nyaatef umuri yaa gababsu dhigni kee tinitaa itti tahe nabse keessaa yaabasu akkaa garan nuu gubateti hin hafuu gumaan kee qabsahan ni kufa qabsoon ittii fufaa…😭😭😭😭
    Ummaata oromo maraf jajabina hawwina …
    dhigne kee bade hin hafin hacee gaafa xiqii

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